Meet Denise

I’m Denise Suthoff. I am the owner of Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall. And our first blog is to introduce ourselves to you. Every week you will be hearing from us with every topic imaginable relating to weddings. Hopefully, as a bride, groom, parent or even a guest attending a wedding you are sure to pick up some great ideas and tips to help with planning the most important day of your life!

I am married to John Suthoff, he is a pilot with United Airlines but also Jack of all Trades at the venues. All of us call his cell number every day with requests for help with all kinds of projects. He is definitely invaluable to Heartwood and Cedar. Although, I’m sure sometimes he is totally ready to go back to work and get away from all of us women.

I have 2 grown sons who are absolutely awesome, my beautiful daughter-in-law and 5 of the most gorgeous grandchildren on the planet. I am so very proud of all of them and they are definitely the loves of my life. Oh, I almost forgot, my 2 fur children, Jasper and little sister. They pretty much rule our home and we adore them.

I purchased Heartwood Hall 10 years ago and the moment that I pulled onto the property, I knew I had found my forever home. I love this property so much that it feels like another member of the family. About 5 years ago, my niece Brandy and her husband Billy asked me if they could be married at Heartwood Hall. At that time it was just my home, with no thoughts of a wedding venue. But, when I saw their wedding day and how beautiful it was, I knew exactly what this property was meant for and that started the dream of a wedding venue at this location. Since our first wedding in September 2010, there have been literally hundreds of weddings here.

People ask me if we ever get tired of guests always being on the property, since we live at the Manor House. My answer is always NO, we love it! How fun to attend beautiful weddings every weekend. I feel so privileged that brides and grooms trust us with the most important event they will ever plan. It is an honor that we do not take lightly. We want it to be a perfect day that they will cherish the memories of forever.

In September 2012, I purchased Cedar Hall in Bartlett, TN, the crazy thing about that property is that it was built in the same year as Heartwood Hall 1840! What are the odds of that? It is such a beautiful property. It is also a bed and breakfast and has really had a fabulous first year.

I love my job so much and part of the reason for that is the team that I work with. They are, in my opinion, some of the top wedding professionals ever. Every week you will be hearing from our team on every subject that you can imagine.

Lauren Lee - our General Manager at Heartwood Hall and Micah Legens, General Manger at Cedar Hall will share their perspective from a younger view point. They work with so many brides every week and are true professionals. They are both beautiful women and so in touch with what brides are interested in.

Mary Jenkins - our lead wedding coordinator will touch on all kinds of topics that will be so helpful as you go through the details of planning your dream day. From the ceremony, reception and yes, even your rehearsal.

Edie Adams- our Food Director and head chef at Cedar Hall will be bringing delicious ideas for your wedding day menu. She is a true artist with food and I can’t wait for you to see her work!

Well, enough with all the introductions, stay tuned for blogs and until then, Happy Weddings!