Meet Edie

Hello! I am Edie Lee Adams, Food Director for both Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall and Kitchen Manager at Cedar Hall. For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for ‘all things food’ and feel most at home in the kitchen. So for me, having a job that involves food only comes natural. My job is truly a ‘dream job.’ Where most gals like to shop for clothes and décor in the stores or on the web, I like to shop for food and research recipes, food trends and creative ways to prepare and present food to both my family and my clients. As a married mother and grandmother, cooking for my family and using them as recipe critics are some of my most treasured moments. My philosophy with cooking is fresh is best. I love to take a recipe and make it my own. A pat of butter, a spoon of sugar, a dollop of cream, or a splash of wine (in healthy moderation of course): these are the things that make and create better tasting food. 

I’ve worked in the catering/wedding industry for over five years. Working in and around the Mid-South area and with numerous of the area’s top wedding professionals. I’ve logged over 300 events and with each one I’ve strived to learn something new, reinvent something – making it more exciting, and/or find somewhere I can improve upon. Taking note of and bringing to fruition a bride’s requests make for the most fulfilling work. I joined the Heartwood Hall/Cedar Hall team in February of 2014. It has been an exciting year! It is a blessing to work with my counter-part, Sheri, Kitchen Manager at HWH, as well as owner, Denise; general managers, Lauren and Micah; and Lead Wedding Coordinator, Mary. Early on, my first task was to take the request and desire for improvement and change with the menu for both HWH and CH. Thereby, I’ve busied myself these past few months in the development and roll out of an entirely new menu. My counter-part, Sheri and I have been working together to ‘amp up’ the food presentations at both venues, and we all have been spending much time together and having tons of fun chopping, cooking and creating most of the new menu items in our numerous cooking sessions. It’s team building at its best! More on that, and the new menu in future blogs ;) 

Until then, happy planning!