Meet Mary

Hi! This is Mary Roane Jenkins, Lead Wedding Coordinator for Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall. I've been a wedding coordinator since Heartwood Hall hosted its first wedding in September of 2010.

I love my job! Why? For starters, I am the married mother of two boys, age 21 and 23, so it's especially fun for me to see all the pretty dresses, flowers, etc. that I'm exposed to on the weekends we host weddings, as well as be around groups of girls who often have been friends since grade school!

Things have changed tremendously since I got married in 1986. Because the brides today have accessibility to the World Wide Web, they bring wonderful ideas to us on everything from favors for their guests to alternatives to the "Guest Book".

It's a treat for me to be around young girls, as well as my comtemporaries. I love it when I work a wedding and run into an old friend who has come to our venue as a guest. It's also gratifying when I receive a thank you note, or run into a satisfied bride from a previous wedding, who has positive comments on either of our venues. I feel like I've made lots of new friends!

Additionally, it's been a real pleasure to get to know the professional, friendly vendors that our brides have brought to us. I've gotten tips on flower arranging, cake decorating, and picture taking!

We have a wonderful staff at Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall, who take pride in serving our guests. There's good camaraderie among us. As a matter of fact, it's not uncommon for us to to be singing in the kitchen to the reception music! It's great to be part of happy celebrations! We have a great team of coordinators, Jane Simmons and Helen Carlson at Heartwood Hall and Carol Johnson at Cedar Hall. We alternate working weddings held at both of our venues. Through our "Wedding Details Worksheet" that is sent to our brides prior to their ceremony, we help our brides be organized and think though the many decisions that have to be made. Our coordinators meet once a month over coffee to discuss good ideas, or ways to improve situations that have arisen.

Please check back with us. I look forward to discussing various wedding topics on future posts!