Our Story

Built in 1846, Cedar Hall was a grand town home, the oldest still standing in Bartlett, Tennessee today. The orginal owners, William and Elizabeth Bond came to Tennessee in the early 1800's. They purchased a large amount of land and built a temporary, small log cabin with a dirt floor to live in while this grand home was being built. After living in the home for two years, it burned to the ground. The home was rebuilt to the 12 acres that is sits on today by Samuel Bond, William and Elizabeth's grandson. He had grown and was an established physician. It got its name from the many cedar trees that lined the long drive to the house. Kate bond, a familiar name in the Bartlett area, was Samuel bond's granddaughter, she was known as "the flower lady of Cordova", and had a thriving floral business.  The bond family was also responsible for bringing the first railroad into Shelby County.

In 1870, Edmond Orgill purchased Cedar Hall, another familiar name in the Memphis area.  The fine architectural work seen in the home today was imported from Europe, while the Orgill family resided there. Denise Suthoff purchased Cedar Hall from Jay and Jeanette Rainey in September of 2012. The Rainey's had owned the home for nearly 40 years.  Today, Cedar Hall has been transformed into a beautiful Bed and Breakfast, and wedding venue!